Friday, December 19, 2008


Hi there, it's J again. Your Event / Party Planner Manager again. Your favourite source to the latest goss around the clique.

It's been 3 weeks into the internship now. I just returned from the office from the Saturday Training. Now I'm at Arb's office waiting for him to sum up his work for the day. As I was saying before, my 1st week was a training week. The recap as for now : 2nd week - audit field (Sg. Buloh) : 3rd week - audit field (Shah Alam) & stocktake (Bangi).I was as excited as a kid getting a huge pile of candies on the day I'm headed out to the client's place. It's always been my wish to go out on an audit field. I was assigned to do the Cash & Bank cycle and some others remeh temeh work. It was okay. But still trying to figure out if audit is really my thing. As attached here is the picture of me trying to sort things up for my 1st audit field.

The 3rd week was a whole lot better. I went down to Shah Alam for audit field. Did the cash & bank cycle and the overheads. The client was being really cooperative. The best part of my 3rd week is the stocktake & physical sightings. Here are some pictures for you guys. The warehouses and some of the fixed assets that I sighted.

I got on the forklift really high above to check the stock

Here are some of the warehouses

As you might noticed the smiles were all almost similar in each pictures. Well, that's because there's nothing much to smile about when you're drained out at the end of the day. Huhuhu~


Here's a tribute to Cratinie Marepat. The road's name is just so similar. Hehehe~


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