Thursday, June 11, 2009

:: Year of Gadget malfunction::

Into the 2nd half of the year 2009, I just can't help but to notice that 1st half of the year has been a series of unfortunate events of Electronic Malfunctions to me! Then, the 2nd half of the year came, and that's when it all began.

  1. My baby (white twinhead compact laptop) broke down
  2. My mobile phone freaked itself out and stop functioning
  3. The wiring to the hot shower at my kampong also decided to failed itself during Gawai
  4. My friend's car's battery decided to commit suicide and left us stranded for hours
  5. My dear (Arb)'s mobile phone decided to follow suit where mine's been
  6. (Don't start on me on the 5th one; you rather not)
Here's one thing that was so close but didn't actually made it to the list:
A dear friend decided to deceived all his friends and put all friendships and alliances in jeopardy by ditching all help offered to him when he is obviously in deep shit. That's one of the biggest malfunction of all in 2009. Although I wouldn't call it a gadget; but now it's definitely a piece of crap that nobody give a shit about. Trust me this person I'm talking about is in deep stinky-poop.

Well, the list doesn't look as bad as it actually is. But the dependency to all the gadgets; damn it I can't even explain that. However, it taught me not to associate myself to much on material things. Can't believe that I'm actually saying that. Hahaha!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Jetting off at 2215hrs from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and landed at Kuching International Airport (KIA) at 2350hrs.

It seems like forever since I've been leaving my life back at KL. Don't get me wrong, I couldn't be happier to meet friends & family back here. Anxious! Let kick-start life back here promptly.

A dinner was confirmed for tomorrow located at the Ayam Penyet to catch up with friends since it's been 6 months now since the last get-together. You know who you are; cuz' I've personallly invited you or send a messenger/person to pass on the invitation to you.

The day after is going to be a family day. Going for Sarawak Specialties shopping with mom as a lil' appreciation souvenirs for friends back in West Malaysia. Just a lil' token of appreciation from me.

Wednesday is goin' to be the road trip back to kampung for Hari Gawai! I guess I'll be stopping at Sri Aman for a couple of days or so before heading back to Bintangor and Julau.

Gosh! I miss my life which I left back in KL so much! Don't worry 'life'; I'm coming back for ya in week. I'm jetting off to KL back again after Gawai after all...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Wishing all my friends and dear readers a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year...

May this festive bring all of you joy & happiness..

It's snowing heavily here, so I guess I'm just gonna sit by the fireplace sipping hot chocolate on Christmas' Eve.

Hope y'all received Christmas presents I mailed you. It comes wrapped in a piece of brown Egyptian cotton cloth with green-red-gold ribbons. If you don't, well I guess you've been pretty nasty boys & girls this year.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2009 y'all..


hello..greetings from Kak Nad , Sil & Rica

Hi everyone.. Its almost a month now.. we hope everyone is doing well..The truth is.. we have been meaning to update our story in this blog for quite some time now..hehehe..but anyways...we r here now.. our place is OK..thats the best we can say bout sum it up in a word?? Chaos!!

Our place is actually a group of u all can see above ( in the second pic ), thats all the companies in our companies..= ) We basically have 3 bosses inside but we report to only two of them, mostly with our lady boss...hmmph.. here are our stories & some pics..

some of our colleagues..

this is how it like..we will post more when we get more..lols..
Neways , wat we do daily is actually tasks given directly from our boss..till this day, we have been vouching , doing book keeping , auditing and filling income tax forms..its quite difficult because the seniors do not guide us all the time so we deal directly with the boss, which can be urrrghh at times..

There are about 25 of us here and only 4 are guys..theres nothing much to say now because kak nad is suppose to do the this is just a simple update...until kak Nad post the next post.. we all wish you guys a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2009!!

Friday, December 19, 2008


Hi there, it's J again. Your Event / Party Planner Manager again. Your favourite source to the latest goss around the clique.

It's been 3 weeks into the internship now. I just returned from the office from the Saturday Training. Now I'm at Arb's office waiting for him to sum up his work for the day. As I was saying before, my 1st week was a training week. The recap as for now : 2nd week - audit field (Sg. Buloh) : 3rd week - audit field (Shah Alam) & stocktake (Bangi).I was as excited as a kid getting a huge pile of candies on the day I'm headed out to the client's place. It's always been my wish to go out on an audit field. I was assigned to do the Cash & Bank cycle and some others remeh temeh work. It was okay. But still trying to figure out if audit is really my thing. As attached here is the picture of me trying to sort things up for my 1st audit field.

The 3rd week was a whole lot better. I went down to Shah Alam for audit field. Did the cash & bank cycle and the overheads. The client was being really cooperative. The best part of my 3rd week is the stocktake & physical sightings. Here are some pictures for you guys. The warehouses and some of the fixed assets that I sighted.

I got on the forklift really high above to check the stock

Here are some of the warehouses

As you might noticed the smiles were all almost similar in each pictures. Well, that's because there's nothing much to smile about when you're drained out at the end of the day. Huhuhu~


Here's a tribute to Cratinie Marepat. The road's name is just so similar. Hehehe~


Thursday, December 18, 2008


Hi there, J here. Your one and only source to the scandalous life of the UiTMCS's elite; we are.

Just gonna take a while right here to post this very important event of a student's life. Yes, that's when the final examination result's announced.

I just wanna congratulate those high achievers, you know you deserve every bit of that arrogance in you after all of your effort. Special "tani~" to BabyJas for putting herself in the list of the Dean's List once again. We're all happy for you babe~

For beloved friends who feel like they did not make the most of it, I just wanna say that this is just a test of life. It's not fate. Just remember that God might have some other better plans for us. Well, I'm a man of words after all.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish all the best for all of us. Remember, we're friends and we stick together. I love all of you~

xoxo Joey

Monday, December 8, 2008

Chapter #1 : New Environment - Exhausted Week

P.O.P : Wong Koh Ing & Co.

Helo Everyone :)

Minggu pertama Internship.. Yah..mula2 nang nebes la coz lamak dah sik kerja. Plus new environment for me. Tempat practical d Wong Koh Ing & Co. actually first time mek dengar nama company tok..Ehehe.. Working hour 830am-5.00pm every monday-friday and 830am-1230noon on saturday.. yah! saturday i work tooo.. :(
Dress code: mcm biasa la.. Office wear.. Staff : 7 pax (including boss) :D

Masuk jak dalam office ya baruk sorang jak datang...Yah..nak lain belom datang mek tunggu la org incharge Practical dtg..kmk d suruh tunggu kat Meja baru mek.. Yeeee :D (masuk2 jak dh ready tempat untuk kmk) best nyaa!!

(sempat juak ambik gambar masa nunggu org incharge pract)

Ok..dah sampe org ya tek, nya agik gago on da phone.. so tunggu agik la kmk tek.. bila nya kuar dari office nya baruk nya carik keja untuk kmk.. yah yah..terus d berik keja ba, kmk sikda briefing, ice breaking ka apaa..mek sik tauk pun berapa allowance kmk aiee (ada ndak ka x).. terus2 nya berik mek polah la apa nak d suruh ya.. (listing & vouching). kamek polah benda tok untuk company besar aiee! nang byk la benda mok polah.. da whole week la kmk polah listing n vouching yaa.. :)

(file2 keja)

Hari Rabu baruk mek temu supervisor kmk, boss audit (Mdm Lily).. nya baruk balit dari vacation.. hehe.. Nice person and bait laahh! Mdm Christina ( boss juak) pun btauk pun bait aiee... Untung kmk dapat boss nak bait giaa.. nang best laa... Collegue lain mek nak mek tauk 2 3 org jak mek tauk nama..nak lain lom tauk gik ehh.

Masalah masa minggu pertama tok, lekak lunch hour! ya ampun...ngantok kedak apa jak.. nak madah makan byk sik juak aiee.. tapi ya lah kann..nama petang juak..mata biasa lelap or tergeley2 nak.. susah mok tahan mun mata ngantok gilak...kenak agik ada sigek ari ya kamek nang sik tdo terus la.. (yalah padan muka chatting sampei sik tdo).

(ngantok aiee)

Isnin-Sabtu..sama jak keja kmk polah.. baruk utk bulan Nov-March. (YE October). So, ada 7 months pun expenses mok d listing.. uwaaaaaaaaaaa...

(meja kmk : workload)

Haritok Public Hols, Raya Aidiladha.. esok kejaa! tidaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkk...harap semua esok ok juak la.. Itu saja untuk minggu ini.. (mok tangga cita Pepaya TV3 lok)

Lufs & Hugs,


(Class Rep) :D