Thursday, June 11, 2009

:: Year of Gadget malfunction::

Into the 2nd half of the year 2009, I just can't help but to notice that 1st half of the year has been a series of unfortunate events of Electronic Malfunctions to me! Then, the 2nd half of the year came, and that's when it all began.

  1. My baby (white twinhead compact laptop) broke down
  2. My mobile phone freaked itself out and stop functioning
  3. The wiring to the hot shower at my kampong also decided to failed itself during Gawai
  4. My friend's car's battery decided to commit suicide and left us stranded for hours
  5. My dear (Arb)'s mobile phone decided to follow suit where mine's been
  6. (Don't start on me on the 5th one; you rather not)
Here's one thing that was so close but didn't actually made it to the list:
A dear friend decided to deceived all his friends and put all friendships and alliances in jeopardy by ditching all help offered to him when he is obviously in deep shit. That's one of the biggest malfunction of all in 2009. Although I wouldn't call it a gadget; but now it's definitely a piece of crap that nobody give a shit about. Trust me this person I'm talking about is in deep stinky-poop.

Well, the list doesn't look as bad as it actually is. But the dependency to all the gadgets; damn it I can't even explain that. However, it taught me not to associate myself to much on material things. Can't believe that I'm actually saying that. Hahaha!!

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