Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bad Day : Good Day

Today I woke up as early as usual, 6.30am.. Get ready and went out of the apartment.
Oh, the lift is just on the 15th floor, how lucky am I. Well, that's what I thought. As the lift went down.. 15, 14, then.. STUCK!

Damn it!! Futhermore, I'm the only person in the lift! I rang the alarm for quite some time and called up my fellow house mates. The next thing I know, all my house mates came for the rescue. I opened the door of the lift from the inside only to find out that the lift got stuck in between of the 14th and 13th floor! Bone and Mimi peeked from the 13th floor as if I'm some kind of an extinct animal kept in the Zoo. Funny! Yet scary.. I was there in the lift for a good 30 minutes or more. Arb went down to notify the guards and waited for me at the Ground Floor. When I finally reached down, there Arb and Sean were already waiting for me in front of the lift (and I'm late to catch the bus).

There we were; me, Fitri and Kem waiting for the bus. It's 7.45am and the bus still not here yet. Then Bone rang up and far too kindly offered to drive me to work! Tenkiu Bone, mwah2!! Kem took the bus and Bone came shortly. There we were; me, Arb, Mimi, Fitri being sent to work by Bone via Akleh Highway. Within 10-15 minutes I was at my office! It is far faster driving to work via Akleh I must say.

And today at work.. Training was boring as usual. And did I mentioned I passed my Technology Based Training (TBT) tests? Reading Audit Manual and Ethics & Quality Control Manual were as boring as usual.

This week is solely for training and that's why it's been really boring. Some of my friends (interns) even been booked to go to audit field in Penang and Kuantan for 2 weeks by next week(Blue Team)! And another friend from the Red Team been asked to come along to Miri! I'm in the Yellow Team btw. The Audit Department relatively huge so it's divided into groups. By tomorrow, my schedule for next week should be gazetted already. Haha!!

Today I've been doing "Linking" (checking Trial Balance figures to that of the P&L and BS), comparing final annual report with the ammended piece and finally I did the Audit Planning.. At least those were'nt as boring. Hehe..

And here are some pictures for you guys~~

In the Gents. Haha..

Really bored reading the Audit Manual and such

And here is the vast Audit Department (and some more cubicles and offices behind me)
There are offices of the Directors, Managers and Head of Department as well
The Audit Department occupied the largest space in the company

Well, my intern-mates, here's for now. Till next time y'all.

xoxo Joey


^^Potato-Chips^^ said...

bsr oo tmpt prktikal ko joe.. nice..jeles sa.. huhu.. btw..kiut la you wif da new hair!! heeheheh mcm budak highschool..sooo virgin! hahaha

[^_^fayol^-^] said...

which accounting firm r u in?? it seem like one of the big-4.. so complicated schedule u been thru and will be goin thru.. haha.. :)