Saturday, December 6, 2008

1st Week Recap

Well well well.. It's been a week now. It's been like forever for me. 1st week was rather boring for me. Doing the Training, Test, Reading Manuals most of the time.

But I've learned few things such as compiling documents for 1st draft, linking, preparing audit planning, checking ammendments in annual report, "green tick" and of course photocopying.

Next week after the Raya Haji holiday I'll be going out for audit field at my 1st client's site for the internship! It was rather a big company and I've got lots of things to do preparing for the pre-final audit. The overheads alone are more then 10! Lots of Reasonableness Tests to be performed on each aspects to be audited in a very short period. I've taken home last year's Financial Statements and some other soft copies of the things that I should digest. Very complicated since they're much different from the theoretical things that we learned in lectures. Only hands-on experience will tell how good/bad this whole experience will be. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Yesterday after work, I was stuck in a traffic jam with Arb and we decided to hopped out from the bus and went to KLCC for dinner and a movie. We ate and watched late night movie (Twilight - was a beautiful love story. Recommendation: Watch it with your love ones). We waited for a friend to pick us up at 2am (I'm still in my office wear, mind you) and reached home at 3.30am!

As for now.. I'm actually home from a warehouse perfume sale at Armada Hotel. Did not get myself anything though; all the good ones were sold out. And the best part is.. I just got back from Aquaria.. All this time I've been going back and forth to KL, only now I really did make it to the Aquaria. Love the fishes! Looking sooooo delicious! Hahaha~

Well, friends, would love to here some interesting stories about yourself being an intern~
Keep 'em posted!

Still, if you need the access, request via SMS or phone call. Giving away the access here is unauthorized decision. You should know, you're an auditor after all! Hahaha!!

xoxo Joey

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