Tuesday, December 2, 2008

1st day

FABER IMPERIAL COURTSo, here's where I'm working.
I'll post the picture of the building itself some other time.

Yesterday was really2 exhausting!

So, there's 8 trainees and 1 permanent staff reported to the office. As for this week, we'll undergo training of 3 modules. All the steps required of the permanent staff, we have to undergo as well.

Met with Alia's friend, Diana. She's been missing today though, been to client's site for audit field i guess. Guess that we'll be doing next week once our training is done.

Attending the training was like going back to lectures all over again. There are 11 chapters to read in the 1st module, and the sub-chapters; sgt byk yer~~
At the end of each chapter will be a test which passing rate is 75%. Need to pass all the tests in this module (completed mine today actually).

So nothing much interesting this week i guess, since it's a training week. Maybe it would be easier to apply for a post as a Junior Associate here in the future since i've undergone all the training.. Well, that said if I wanted to continue in the accounting or audit line..

xoxo Joey


^^Potato-Chips^^ said...

joe bahagia..!!!(xda kaitan dgn internship..haha) dats all i can say! im so envy you~! btw, arb buatkan u breakfast ke?? hehe

BAcc Class of 2009 said...

incik potato chips ni saper yer? hehehe.. yup, ari2 arb watkan breakfast cuz i demam.. huhu..

^^Potato-Chips^^ said...

its me bah joe~!!! u know me.. heheh bukan incik ye.. Puan..aiseh..

BAcc Class of 2009 said...

santie izzit??
ur profile says "male".
uiks?? camner tuh??

^^Potato-Chips^^ said...

i dah betul kan..heheh it's female k..