Tuesday, December 23, 2008

hello..greetings from Kak Nad , Sil & Rica

Hi everyone.. Its almost a month now.. we hope everyone is doing well..The truth is.. we have been meaning to update our story in this blog for quite some time now..hehehe..but anyways...we r here now.. our place is OK..thats the best we can say bout it..to sum it up in a word?? Chaos!!

Our place is actually a group of companies..as u all can see above ( in the second pic ), thats all the companies in our companies..= ) We basically have 3 bosses inside but we report to only two of them, mostly with our lady boss...hmmph.. here are our stories & some pics..

some of our colleagues..

this is how it like..we will post more when we get more..lols..
Neways , wat we do daily is actually tasks given directly from our boss..till this day, we have been vouching , doing book keeping , auditing and filling income tax forms..its quite difficult because the seniors do not guide us all the time so we deal directly with the boss, which can be urrrghh at times..

There are about 25 of us here and only 4 are guys..theres nothing much to say now because kak nad is suppose to do the writting..hehe..so this is just a simple update...until kak Nad post the next post.. we all wish you guys a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2009!!


BAcc Class of 2009 said...

U're post was left with pretty huge empty spaces under it. I got it ammended for u. Hehehe~

Ur office looks so nice.. N u ppl have ur own tables! My department alone consists of almost 200 staffs and it get packed in the morning (when every1 reported to the office) & sunyi sepi menjelang tengahari (when every1 out for audit field).

Well, blogging from Port Klang now; and I'm wishing all Happy New Year 2009!!


[^_^fayol^-^] said...

which audit firm??

Anonymous said...

alex chan n comp..

Aiverra Shima said...

alu senyap sepi blog kelas