Thursday, December 18, 2008


Hi there, J here. Your one and only source to the scandalous life of the UiTMCS's elite; we are.

Just gonna take a while right here to post this very important event of a student's life. Yes, that's when the final examination result's announced.

I just wanna congratulate those high achievers, you know you deserve every bit of that arrogance in you after all of your effort. Special "tani~" to BabyJas for putting herself in the list of the Dean's List once again. We're all happy for you babe~

For beloved friends who feel like they did not make the most of it, I just wanna say that this is just a test of life. It's not fate. Just remember that God might have some other better plans for us. Well, I'm a man of words after all.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish all the best for all of us. Remember, we're friends and we stick together. I love all of you~

xoxo Joey

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BAcc Class of 2009 said...

and congrats to Rica as well for the same reason dat is as BabyJas~

we're all proud of y'all