Friday, November 28, 2008

Well, well..

Some of of us seem to have been successfully switched to a different audit firm at the very last minute.. A dear friend of ours tried to changed hers but failed; pity her. BUT this one independent case came as a shock to hear.

Being the host of the sought after gossip portal, I'm responsible to let you know that our dear batch-mate have been successfully transferred to another audit firm.

Just when we thought our family name doesn't mean anything to any success, well, we've been proven wrong.

One thing that I don't get or anyone don't get as well is; why not try first? Giving up because you heard unpleasant rumors about the firm doesn't make you a hero does it? Why not try first, then if you still find it's not worth the legacy you inherited; well move on then. That's just my personal opinion though.

Well, I'm not a fan of dissing the dirt you see.. But once someone wronged me or my friends; it won't be nice J you can expect to see anymore.

Well, who am I to judge huh?

xoxo Joey


Aiverra Shima said...

wahhh... im nebes!

Anonymous said...

apa bleh buat joe...dunia ni ada mcm mcm org..jadi jgn terkejut la org mcm ni mmg ada...takpelah, kita buat apa yg patut kita buat je la..tak payah peduli la org mcm tu...Guysss...good luck tomorrowww..

^^Potato-Chips^^ said...

i just hate dat person.. i knw da whole story bout her dare she mess with my frens..but what goes around comes around..she will pay for what she did..